Dogs and Horses Skin Care  

Horse and Dog Skin Fungus and Staph Infection is Eliminated Quickly and Easily!

Antimicrobial skin care products keep skin disorders and wounds germ free so the body can work on the healing process instead of fighting bacteria and infections.


Not only do these formulas have the power of surgical scrubs, but they do more than treat bacteria, fungus and topical viruses on your animals skin's surface. These gentle solutions have the unusual ability to penetrate deeply to the source of the problem. When you can reach the problem's source, you can treat it with immediate results. Discomfort (itching and pain) from bacteria, insect bites or fungus will disappear quickly.


The ingredients in Equine Elite Solutions do not sting, irritate, dry or damage delicate tissue. Used by many veterinarians and farriers who are excited that horse skin problems can easily be treated without damage to the surrounding healthy tissue. Unlike you see with less effective and painful treatments, your animals won't resist being medicated.


Since these formulas are essentially non-toxic and non-caustic, they are much safer for dogs and horses and their handlers! It is especially important with concerns about children handling toxic formulas when treating skin sores or hoof problems on the horses! Do you really want you or your children handling toxins? Effective skin care treatments don't need to be harsh or toxic to be effective!


Basically, you can spray, smooth, swipe or wash your dog or horse with any of the products. Penetration is almost immediate, so there's no reason to "have to wait 5 minutes or wait 10 minutes" trying to get the formula to penetrate or work against the bacteria, fungi or topical viruses. Once you apply any of the solutions, simply allow time (24 to 36 hours) for the healthy tissue to regenerate and show signs of healing. If it appears to need another treatment in a day or two, simply reapply. It's that easy! (Unwrapped wounds may need treatment more often to sanitize from airborne bacteria contamination)

Prevention too!

Not only are these formulas fantastic at eliminating dog skin conditions and horse hoof diseases, but they are great to use for prevention. You worm, vaccinate, administer supplements and provide the best food to keep your dog and horse healthy. Have you considered protecting their skin and hair coat from the things they pick up from laying on the ground? It's easier and cheaper to prevent skin disorders than to have to treat them when your dog or horse becomes uncomfortable or when they become unusable or unsightly.

Consider that we shower every day - dogs and horses do not. They can pick up bacteria or fungus from the ground that can, in time, grow into skin disorders. The occasional wash with our Antimicrobial Body Wash will help protect your animal's skin.