Dogs and Horses Skin Care  

Powerful Topical Skin Care Treatments for Your Dog Skin Problems

Gentle Horse Care Treatments for Horse Fungus and Rain Rot Relief

Are you frustrated with hoof and skin treatments for your horse that are messy and painful?

Topical equine skin and hoof treatments eliminate equine thrush, staph infection, horse skin fungus, rain rot relief, equine ring worm, and white line disease. POWERFUL enough to penetrate the skin to ELIMINATE and HEAL skin and hoof problems due to bacteria, viruses and fungi without the MESS and no PAIN!

Works on CONTACT!

Horse Hoof & Skin Care Products

1. Rain Rot Relief

Rain Rot Relief penetrates to eliminate deep lying fungus & bacteria for FAST relief for dog skin fungus, horse fungus, rain rot, mud fever, ring worm, warts and more.

2. Antimicrobial Spray

Convenient general purpose topical spray for horses that kills germs and microorganisims on contact in open sores, wounds, scratches, skin rashes, staph infection, and for equine itchy manes and tails. Effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses on the skin surface.

3. Antimicrobial Wound Relief (Lotion)

An incredible deep penetrating and soothing antiseptic skin care lotion for horses that gently kills 99.9% of infectious bacteria while softening damaged tissue to promote faster healing in scratches, bug bites, open sores, wounds and proud flesh.

4. White Line Antimicrobial Solution (Professional Strength)

A POWERFUL easy to use solution that penetrates quickly to eliminate the fungus that causes hoof white line disease and nail fungus on dogs and to heal hoof abcesses without damaging healthy skin tissue.

5. Thrush Relief Spray

Finally! A product with results! Kills thrush causing microorganisims on contact. Convenient skin penetrating thrush spray for dogs and horses. Most thrush disappears overnight.

6. Thrush Relief (Gel)

Deep penetrating liquid gel formula for fast relief of thrush causing microorganisms on dogs and horses on contact! Thrush is usually gone or significantly reduced overnight. (Most times thrush disappears in hours)

7. Skin Care Starter/Gift Sets

Skin Care Starter/Gift sets are an easy yet economical way to buy all your favorites at a discounted price! We offer BIG savings on this packaged group of essentials- 16oz Body Wash OR Rain Rot Relief, 8oz Antimicrobial Spray, and 8oz Wound Relief!

8. Equine Body Wash/ Antimicrobial Spray SET

You get twice the healing power for your horse's skin problems with Equine Antimicrobial Body Wash and Antimicrobial Spray SET!

9. Equine Antimicrobial Body Wash

Antimicrobial Body Wash eliminates bacteria on contact and relief from bacterial caused itching is immediate! Used to sanitize wounds, open sores, scratches, dry skin conditions, staph infections, yeast infections, skin rashes, horse fungal infection, insect bites and anything related to bacteria, fungi, and topical viruses.