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Dog Staph Infection

Symptoms of Staph Infection on the Skin

Staphylococcal bacterial infection is usually referred to as a staph infection. Staph bacteria are widespread and cause mild to severe skin infections in dogs of all ages. Symptoms of staph depend on severity of the infection. A mild skin infection may appear as a crusty skin lesion, frequently on the belly area. More advanced cases of staph infection will manifest draining areas and cause severe itching.

Occasionally, usually in adults, the animal is actually allergic to the staph bacteria. These dogs have severe red, itchy skin. All cases of staph pyoderma can progress and should be treated as soon as possible.

Treatment for Staph Infection

Bacterial infections such as staph are often secondary to another problem. The possibility of parasitic infections, allergies, and hormonal abnormalities should be checked with your veterinarian. The skin is usually biopsied and/or cultured to confirm the diagnosis. Oral antibiotics are selected based on the test results, and may need to be given for several months if the infection is very deep. Medicated shampoos such as Canine Antimicrobial Body Wash can be used in conjunction with oral antibiotics.