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Eliminate Dog Skin Problems, Staph Infection, Skin Fungus, and Horse Rain Rot FAST!

Topical skin care treatments for dog skin problems and horse hoof infections that are GENTLE yet POWERFUL solutions for healing your pet's toughest skin infection. If your animals suffer from wounds and open sores that won't heal, dog staph infection, skin rash, dog fungus, canine ring worm, nail or hoof fungal infection, dry itchy skin, dog hot spots, horse rain rot, equine thrush, or equine white line disease then they need Canine or Equine Relief NOW!

FINALLY! Products that DO what they SAY THEY'LL DO!

Dog Skin Care Products

Horse Skin Care Products

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Canine Relief and Equine Relief products from Equine Elite Labs are safe, easy-to-use topical skin solutions for dog skin care problems that are related to bacteria, viruses and fungi. Farriers like the Equine Relief solutions for safe and effective horse hoof and skin care. Your animal will not resist being treated because they do not burn, hurt or stain unlike other skin care treatments on the market-- completely safe for puppies too! These topical antimicrobial skin solutions work fast to effectively eliminate dog skin problems such as hot spots, dog skin fungus, ring worm, dog nail fungus, yeast infection, staph infection, severe bacterial caused itching with hairloss, skin fungus, itchy dog rash and dry skin problems.

They are also highly effective at eliminating equine hoof thrush, horse skin fungus, rain rot, whiteline, mud fever, girth itch, mane & tail rubbing and other skin and hoof problems that are related to bacteria, viruses, and fungus. Equine Elite products work immediately on contact and are very easy to use for equine hoof care and canine skin problems while it also prevents infection in open wounds, stitches, proud flesh, warts, itching and hair loss, and insect bites.Canine Relief and Equine Relief skin care and hoof care products are non-toxic for animals and their owners and non-drying to your pet's skin.

Effective treatment doesn't have to be painful! Canine Relief and Equine Relief skin care products are not harsh for your skin and are safe to apply with your fingertips. FAST Relief for your pets!. We hope you have a pleasant shopping experience at Dog and Horse Skin Care and will come back again.

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SAFE & EASY! Gentle skin care solutions for dogs, puppies, and horses of ALL ages. It WON'T damage healthy tissue! It WON'T burn or irritate skin!

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    Antimicrobial Wound Care for Dogs and Horses.

    Rapid Healing for Hot Spots, Burns, Cuts, Scratches, Itchy Skin, Yeast and Bacteria Infections

  • Wild Stallion Cedar-Derm Complete Body Wash

    A powerful body wash that starts to immediately neutralize, moisturize, rejuvenate dry, itchy, flaky skin issues, hair-loss, mange, hot spots, skin dermatitis, yeast, fungus and neutralizes ins

  • All-natural Well-Horse Healing Remedy wound care

    Helps heal open wounds and treats skin conditions on all animals
    Stops bleeding
    Regenerates tissue fast
    Helps hair grow back in original color wont damage hair follicles
    Bleeding Skin Rash
    Helps reduce the size of large wounds in just 2 weeks

  • Equisilver Wound and Skin for Dogs and Cats. No Chemicals

    EquiSilver Wound Spray is a Veterinarian Formulated Chelated Silver ion wound spray for horses, dogs and cats. 50 part per million! Can be used for a variety of skin issues including cuts, burns , rash, allergies, abrasions, flea and insect bites
    Antimicrobial properties that act as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial safe for internal and external use.

  • Green Liniment Vigor - Body Wash and Brace for Horses

    An effective, invigorating aromatic liniment helps to stimulate blood flow for the relief of minor soreness, inflammation, and stiffness of muscles, knees, tendons, ankles, and backs.

  • Best Shot Pet Equine M.E.D Rain Rot Treatment

    Stop The Itching, Start The Healing
    Relieves Rain Rot, Rain Scald, Mud Fever, Ringworm, Scratches and more
    Regular use promotes new hair growth, enhances coat health and appearance
    Anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory
    Enjoy its pleasant botanical scent

  • Silvetrasol Hoof and Wound Wash

    Relieves Rain Rot, Rain Scald, Mud Fever, Ringworm, Scratches and more
    Safe for use on all pets and live stock

  • Pet Wound & Skin Care Spray with Enhanced Hydrogel;

    First-Aid Treatment for Dogs, Cats & Horses
    Enhanced Hydrogel speeds healing of cuts, bites, scratches, abrasions, and other skin conditions. Safe for dogs, cats & horses.
    Soothes itching, hot spots, and allergic rashes; moisturizing Aloe vera formula promotes new hair growth without discoloration.
    Contains antimicrobial to fight bacterial & fungal infections; repels insects from wound or rash with fresh eucalyptus fragrance.
    Non-toxic; contains no alcohol, steroids, antibiotics, tea tree oil, or bleach.
    Developed by hospital pharmacist; Made in USA; 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.

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